The Counselors of Real Estate is a group of highly qualified commercial real estate investors from around the world. Each year they release a report called the CRE 2016-17 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate.

This report is a valuable tool for investors in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. By studying the findings of the organization, investors are able to see where the real estate market is headed and be prepared for those changes.

This year the most important findings of the report are in the areas of far reaching demographic shifts, debt capital market retrenchment, as well as the changing tides of the global economy.

The top 10 are:

  1. The Changing Global Economy. This includes decreasing exports, political instability, and the dip in global energy prices.
  2.  Debt Capital Market Retrenchment. Capitol will become less available specifically for CREI.
  3.  Demographic Shifts. This is geared towards the now largest population of under capitalized Millennials and quickly retiring Baby Boomers.

You can read the rest of the 10 issues here along with more complete analysis.

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