Markets change and the office market is no different. You may need new strategies for navigating it. This gives good advice for doing so in today’s world which often takes different techniques than the past. Things are usually more fast paced and complicated nowadays and you need to work accordingly so you can have success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amidst rising office competition, investors are increasingly turning to emerging gateway markets with strong fundamentals in order to source attractive investment opportunities.
  • Overall, by focusing on emerging sub-markets surrounding urban core areas with high barriers to entry, investors can find attractive investment opportunities that are less likely to be impacted by new construction and increased supply.
  • Investors who target value-add opportunities and reposition their office assets in order to provide tenants with the best value-oriented alternative to new construction will have the most success in the year ahead.

“Office owners who target supply-constrained emerging sub-markets with long-term demand drivers, focus on value-add opportunities and integrate unique amenities will continue to find attractive investment opportunities and stay competitive in the year ahead.”

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