According to Jim Hime, the United States is one of the most desirable locations for foreign investors. Between a booming economy, sovereign wealth funds, and recent changes with the Real Property Tax Act. Most foreign investors are attracted to the gateway cities, such as New York and the like, but Hime and others recommend looking at other “secondary” cities for a better investment.

Key Takeaways:

  • people are investing in China and abroad, to be diverse.
  • U.S. proves to be a desirable place based on the rates, growth, ROI and yield.
  • GEP is not in sync with our production side.

“At the Commercial Real Estate Conference 2016, Jim Hime, CFO of USAA Real Estate Company, said the key drivers for the increase of foreign investors can be attributed to the robust economy, search for yield, diverse sovereign wealth funds and recent changes due to the Real Property Tax Act.”

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