With the popularity of websites, like AirBnb, apartment managers are starting to get in on the deal. Some apartment managers are making a deal with AirBnB where they will allow renters to share their space in exchange for information on AirBnb’s clientele. Some of the leading apartment management companies are already willing to take part in the program, so it might not be long before more are joining in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Airbnb’s “Friendly Building Program” endeavors to work with apartment managers, letting them know who is home sharing, provided that they allow it to continue – within limits.
  • At least a few apartment managers are willing to consider Airbnb’s proposal.This could mean significant growth for Airbnb’s business.
  • Still, only one- percent of apartment owners and managers say they would allow home sharing. Right now there is just oo much uncertainty in this market, and currently the potential risks outweigh the possible rewards.

“Home sharing service Airbnb wants to cut a deal with owners and managers of apartment buildings.”


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