Los Angeles Office Building Inspection

A Los Angeles Office Building Inspection Enables You to Negotiate the Best Price Possible Now, While Avoiding Future Problems With Your New Office Space!

Finding the best new office space for your business doesn’t have to be as risky and stressful if you include a Los Angeles office building inspection in your due diligence.  Why wouldn’t you?  For a very small investment you will be armed with all the information you need to make a sound decision based on the actual condition of the property.  You will know if there are structural defects, hidden issues due the previous owners neglect and the remaining lifespan of the buildings major systems. Unless you are new to purchasing office investment properties you already know how a Los Angeles office building inspection can place you in a powerful position during your negotiations.  You may be in the market for office space for your own company or  be looking for additional office rental properties. Either way you need to be ready with the most complete information about the property when it comes time to negotiate your offer.  Don’t make the mistake of relying on the information provided by the owner.  It is not in their best interest to tell you  everything and they may not even know about upcoming problems.

Knowledge is power in business negotiations. The power to adjust your offer to include:

  • The expense of obvious and hidden repairs to critical building systems (electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Structure).
  • Awareness of safety hazards now instead of when they are brought up in avoidable lawsuits against you.
  • Code violations that can bring fines and require costly alterations to the building and systems.

Your Los Angeles Office Building Inspection Will Give You Leverage to Make The Best Deal! What you may not know is that not all inspectors are specifically qualified to work as a Los Angeles office building inspector.  In fact, most area inspectors are entirely focused on residential building inspections.  They are not the same! That is what sets PureFusion Consulting Property Inspections as uniquely qualified to empower you in your investment dealings. My specialized training and experience allows me to see what others miss and give you the biggest advantage possible.

  • Former Combat Engineer U.S. Army
  • Former Firefighter responsible for fire life safety inspections
  • Former Construction Superintendent
  • Former Colorado General Contractor
  • Professional Construction Manager
  • Senior Project Manager for commercial construction
  • Current California B-General Contractor
  • NACHI Certified Home Inspector
  • NACHI Certified Commercial Property Inspector

Your Los Angeles office building inspection from PureFusion Consulting Property Inspections removes risk and gives you your strongest negotiating position!  Secure your spot today!