Electric bike sharing and bike sharing in general is such a great thing in my opinion. The addition of the electric bike, however, is an amazing thing. Now people will be able to travel longer distances and won’t have to pedal to get there. This becomes less of a work out and you don’t have to be all sweaty when you get where you are going. I love that some of the companies just let you leave the bike wherever and you don’t have to return it to a dock. That is such a plus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bike sharing used to be funded by city governments, but now more private companies are getting involved
  • JUMP electric bikes average greater distances per trip than traditional bikes, making them a viable option over other transportation methods
  • Electric bikes could become more common due to the acquisition from Uber

“People who bike to work are happier and healthier than those who take public transportation, and much more so than those who drive alone, according to several different studies.”


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