The open-concept and industrial look of an open ceiling has made its way into businesses ranging from small scale startups to massive tech companies. While the look is trendy, the additional costs are often hidden. The cost to make this usually-hidden duct and framework look visually appealing shows up in the skills and labor necessary to install the pieces, the cost of the “finished” looking materials, acoustic treatments to manage the sound, higher heating bills and painting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Open ceilings, with their exposed ductwork and industrial vibe have become popular – but trendy rarely equals inexpensive.
  • A 2008 study of retail and office interior construction in five cities seemed to back up that assumption.
  • It’s important to consider the hidden costs of open ceilings, which almost always make them more expensive, particularly over a building’s life cycle.

“As commercial construction has ramped up in recent years, developers are seeing a shortage of skilled labor in many trades, driving up construction costs.”

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