Autonomous cars are not quite here, but they are closer than we may think. Many cars that have cruise control are considered a level one autonomous driving vehicle. The production of autonomous cars are in the near future and would help not only save time for the consumer, but it will help save the economy trillion of dollars every year as well. Not to mention how safety could be impacted for the better with the creation of these types of vehicles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Early tech adopters looking forward to sitting back while their cars navigate the daily office commute can celebrate that – while fully autonomous vehicles are likely several years down the road – automakers are actively implementing aspects of this technology.
  • Beyond the technology needed to reach fully autonomous Level 5 vehicles, other potential obstacles to adoption of this technology include government regulations, changes in infrastructure, ethical considerations and acceptance of what currently seems like a fantastic, space-age technology.
  • Among the potential impacts of autonomous trucks on industrial CRE noted in the report: fewer, larger warehouses built in remote locations, the critical importance of last-mile delivery facilities be able to receive large automated truck convoys, and warehouses designed for automatic maneuvering.

“Autonomous trucks could enable the trucking industry to reduce labor costs and focus instead on inventory and occupancy costs and maximizing the efficient delivery of goods”

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