What makes PFC different than any other Los Angeles Building Inspection Company?

Our founder and CEO enjoys a diverse background with a varied and strong career path spanning across the construction trades, the military, service as a Firefighter and as a trauma flight paramedic, progressing through to executive management and the ownership of several successful businesses. The secret to our success is strong leadership that demands a solid work ethic and a commitment and dedication to meaningful partnerships with our clients.

Why would I use PFC over the hundreds of other companies out there?

Let’s face it: the latest real estate boom has produced countless fraudulent fly-by-night inspection companies. Prior to and during this global economic collapse PFC has held fast to its core values of ethical business practices and an uncompromising commitment to our clients. We have continued to grow at a steady pace, and we continue to attract and retain the best people while still upholding our stellar work ethic.

What can PFC offer me that others won’t?

Very simply put, PFC will provide you with an undivided commitment to your needs. While other inspection companies focus on volume, PFC focuses on personal relationships. We understand the stress involved in purchasing a home or commercial property and we take the time to listen to you and respond to your questions quickly and accurately. We are committed to consistently provide you with honest, objective inspection reports…no matter what.

What services does PFC provide that other inspection companies don’t?

Over the past 29 years Tim Allison, the CEO of PFC, has developed incredibly strong professional relationships within the construction trades. These associations are invaluable for consultation purposes:

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil engineering associates
Architectural associates
General and General Engineering contractor associates
Termite Inspector associates
HazMat Engineering associates
Fire department Inspection associates

We believe the diversity of PFC’s experience is invaluable, given that we rely on a vast portfolio of internal experience and knowledge, while also tapping into crucial external professional networks and relationships…all to competently handle any issue that comes our way during your inspection.

What guarantees will PFC provide for me?

  • You will always be treated with respect and concern
  • You will receive prompt follow up service after your inspection
  • Your report will be delivered as promised …or the inspection is free
  • An uncompromising commitment to you and your inspection needs
  • Prompt and reliable responsiveness to your questions
  • To always provide an experienced, highly competent inspection professional